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My explanation for the Advance of Science
and for the European miracle (IInd millenium)
and its ending: The Rich States System Theory

A 4-page summary of the Rich States System Theory (in English).
Philosophical assumptions

Le Secret de l'Occident (The Secret of the West, 2007)
868p-book, reviewed and enhanced pocket version of the 1997 release, published in September 2007.
Le Secret de l'Occident (The Secret of the West, 1997)
450p-book about the rich states system theory, published in October 1997.
Summaries: 1 page, chapter after chapter (in French).
4 pages, chapter after chapter (in English).
Reviews: Aug 2016: on Elon Musk and the space conquest, an excellent analysis by J.Knight (in English).
Feb 2015:  A special issue of magazine "Synergies Monde Méditerranéen" devoted to my book. Issue directed by N.Carpentier et Y.Montenay, no4, sept 2014 (published 23 Feb 2015) (in French).
Dec 2015:  a review by Christophe Brun in the Dictionnaire historique de la civilisation européenne directed by Daniel Roche (in French).
Jul 2014: by Jonathan Daly at Chicago Univ in Historians Debate the Rise of the West (in English).
Jun 2014: by En Gillali on the Compatibility of Muslim religion and modern science (in Arabic and English).
Feb 2014:  In Eléments d'histoire des sciences an e-book by prof R. Raynal of Toulouse, France (in French).
Feb 2011:  at the "Europe and Modern Science" conference at Univ of Nantes, France, by Christophe Brun, on 07-09 Feb 2011 (in French).
Nov 2010:  deeper analysis on the website "Temps et Fiction" (2) following the Aug 2010 review (in French).
Aug 2010:  a long review on the website "Temps et Fiction" (1) (in French).
Nov 2009:  on "Critiques Libres" a short and insightful review (in French).
Mar 2009:  a detailed analysis by prof. Oscar Gonzalez of Univ of the Basque Country in "La Filosofia de la Innovacion" (in Spanish, with French translation).
Jan 2009:  a long review in "Le Futur Ouest", a French think tank (in French).
Jan 2009:  a brief review by G. Narbonne in a HEC school essay in Paris (in French).
Dec 2008: a review in "Storicamente", Bologna University's on-line history journal, by F. Ferretti (in Italian).
Dec 2008: brief review by Evelyne Lopez Campillo in "Mediterráneo Económico" in an article about the religious hypothesis (in Spanish).
Nov 2008: a long review by Vincent Citot in philosophy journal "Le Philosophoire" (in French).
Oct 2008: by Chinese magazine Mingpao Monthly of Hong Kong (in Chinese).
Oct 2008: a summary in "L'Agitateur d'idées by physicist Etienne Klein (in French).
Oct 2008: a review and epistémological analysis in "Espaces Temps" by prof. Christian Grataloup (in French).
Sep 2008: a sympathetic review by Jules Mardirossian in "France-Arménie" (in French).
Aug 2008: a superficial review in French magazine "Esprit" (in French).
Jun? 2008: in an article on "The rise and fall of states" by Noel Cox of Univ of Wellington, New Zealand (in English).
May 2008: in "Maghreb Social Forum's" online bibliography (in French).
Feb 2008: a review in the Belgian national daily "L'Echo" (in French).
Feb 2008: a review in "Sciences Humaines" by Laurent Testot (in French).
Feb 2008: a long and original review in "La Vie des Idées" by French physicist Etienne Klein (in English).
Jan 2008: a laudative review by "Les Sceptiques du Québec" at their annual conference (in French).
Jan 2008: a brief review in "Les Collections de l'Histoire" (in French).
Jan 2008: quotes by J.-F. Dortier in a special issue of "Sciences Humaines" (in French).
Dec 2007: a bleak review in French geography magazine "Cybergeo" (in French).
Nov 2007: a brillant analysis on "Biblio Infinie" (in French).
Oct 2007: a brief introduction on France Culture (in French).
Oct 2007: a lively account by Azar Khalatbari on in the French daily "Libération" (in French).
Oct 2007: a review by Roger-Pol Droit in the leading French daily "Le Monde" (in French).
Sep 2007: a laudatory reference in the leading French daily "Le Figaro" for the pocket edition (in French).
Sep 2007: a reference in the French daily "Le Sud Ouest" for the pocket edition (in French).
Sep 2007: a enlightning analysis on (in French).
Aug 2006: an excellent analytical review on La Lettre Volée (in French). Introduction.
Feb 2006: the consequences of the theory for the space age discussed at the Adam Smith Institute (in English).
Dec 2005: Article on the historical disruption lines of Europe by prof. Jacques Brasseul (in French).
May 2005: in an Indian research paper about India and the Grand Question (in English).
Mar 2005: "Alternatives Economiques", on the emergence of capitalism (in French).
Dec 2004: "Le Nouvel Observateur", as main reference (in French).
May 2002: A smart overview by prof. Christophe Brun as on-line support for Moroccan students (in French).
Mar 2002: by P.H.H.Vries sur the role of states in the rise of the West, Journal of World History, Vol.13, Nr.1, Spring 2002, p.67-138 (in English).
Jan? 2002: in a Moroccan book about Morocco's scientific development (in French).
Mar 2001: by Y.M. Laulan in the quarterly "Géopolitique des Populations" (in French).
Dec 1999: "Isis" (in English).
Sep 1998: "Région et Développement" (in French).
May 1998: "La Recherche" (in French).
Apr 1998: "NewScientist" (in English).
Nov 1997: "Le Républicain Lorrain" (in French).
Interviews: May 2014: "Philosophoire", on defining civilizations across history (in French).
Sep 2008: in Histoire globale, un autre regard sur le monde, a collective book directed by Laurent Testot, p.121-129 (in French).
Sep 2008: in a special edition of French magazine "Sciences Humaines" on world history(in French).
Dec 2007: "Sciences et Avenir" (in French).
Oct 2007: "La Liberté" (in French).
Oct 2001: "Le Soir" (in French).
Mar 1998: "Vingt-Quatre Heures", 30 March 1998, p.48 (in French).
Nov 1997: "Journal de Genève", interview (in French).
My Articles: Sep 2017: a chapter by me in the book "Problèmes épistémologiques en histoire de la philosophie", directed by V.Citot, éditions Liber, Québec, 398p, 11sept2017.  
Histoires universelles et philosophies de l'histoire, Actes du Colloque de Cerisy de sept.2008 sur les Philosophies de l'Histoire, Presses de Sciences Po, A.Escudier&L.Martin (19 mars 2015), Paris, a 10p-article on my latest research (in French).
Mar 2015: Histoires universelles et philosophies de l'histoire, Actes du Colloque de Cerisy de sept.2008 sur les Philosophies de l'Histoire, Presses de Sciences Po, A.Escudier&L.Martin (19 mars 2015), Paris, a 10p-article on my latest research (in French).
Jun 2014: "Le Monde", special booklet, a 1-page article on the issue: "Is the West still ahead?" (in French).
Oct 2011: "Philosophoire", Paris, a 13-page article on the issue: "Are we rising or declining?" (in French).
May 2002: 6-page paper in Fractals in Biology and Medicine on the coastlines' fractal dimensions of Europe, the Middle East, India, China (in English).
Mar 2001: "Sciences", Paris, a 5-page article (in French).
July 1998: "Le Temps Stratégique", Geneva, a 10-page article (in French).
Quotes: Mar 2017:  A 15-page quote on The similarities between Ancient Greece and Modern Europe, on the blog "Lieux communs" (7 mars 2017) (in French).
Jan 2017:  in India, Modernity and the Great Divergence: Mysore and Gujarat (17th to 19th C.) by K.Yazdani, Brill, Boston (10 Jan 2017) (in English).
Sep 2016:  by J.P.Latina on the possible causes for Arab world post-Middle Age decline on his blog "Autruchement Dit" (25 Sept 2016) (in French).
Jun 2016:  by N.Matringe in "L'équation qui a changé la face du monde" (03 Jun 2016). (in French).
Jan 2016:  About China and the rise of the West in The Gunpowder Age, by T.Andrade, 448p, Princeton UP (31 Jan 2016). (in English).
Sep 2015:  by O.Pétré-Grenouilleau in Les Historiens français à l'œuvre, 1995-2010 by P.Cauchy, J.F.Sirinelli, C.Gauvard, PUF (02 Sep 2015) (in French).
Sep 2014:  in Science et religions monothéistes, l'inévitable conflit by Jean-Pierre Castel (Berg International, Paris 17Sep2014) (in French).
Aug 2014:  at the 41st the International Committee for the History of Technology symposium (29 Jul–02 Aug 2014) in Brasov, Romania (in French).
Apr 2014:  by Christophe Brun in an anthology book on Elisée Reclus (09Apr2014) (in French).
Apr 2014:  In P.Haroche's PhD thesis at Univ Paris I, Realistically unifying the EU, defended 30Nov2013 (published 28Apr2014) (in French).
Mar 2014:  by Jean-Pierre Castel against the religious hypothesis, in "Le Québécois Libre" (25Mar2014) (in French).
Feb 2014:  by François Facchini of Paris Univ, in an interview on the causal factors behind economic development (in French).
Dec 2013:  about China in the 1880s as described by E.Reclus, in a "Cybergeo" paper by F.Ferretti of Geneva Univ (in French).
Oct 2013: by Vienna Univ prof P.Vries, in Escaping Poverty: The Origins of Modern Economic Growth (V&Runipress, Göttingen (23Oct2013) (in English).
Jul 2013: by Philippe Colomban of Univ P.&M. Curie, Paris, in a paper on the origins of modern chemistry (Arts 15 Jul 2013, vol 2, 78-99) (in English).
May 2013:  by B. Wilfert-Portal of ENS Paris in a paper on literary translations in XIXth century France and their impact on nationalist and internationalist thought (Prod, revue brésilienne d'anthropologie et d'arts, May 2013) (in French).
May 2013:  by I.Surun and H.Tertrais, in «Les Continents Orphelins?», a special issue of online magazine "Monde(s)" (in French).
Apr 2013:  by G. Chaliand & M. Jan in Towards A New World Order (Seuil, 11 Apr 2013) (in French).
Apr 2013:  at a conference on political-religious militantism in Arab countries (Grenoble, France, Librairie Antigone, 5 Apr 2013) (in French).
Mar 2013:  about the Great Divergence between the West and the Rest by G.Arnould (in French).
Feb 2013:  by Kostas Mavrakis about the religious hypothesis ("Catholica" journal, nr 118, 21 Feb 2013) (in French).
Jul 2012: by G. Strohmaier, of Free Univ Berlin, in Juergen Renn's The Globalization of knowledge in history (in English).
May 2012: by Clint Ballinger, in an paper reassessing the role of mercantilism in the rise of the West (in English).
May 2012:  in Why was modern science developped in the West? a paper by Khoa Hoc, on website, in Vietnam (in Vietnamese).
Apr 2012: by Noel Cox, in his book Constitutional Paradigms and the Stability of States Ashgate, April 2012 (in English).
Apr 2012:  on the French website "Lieux Communs" about the illusions of travelling to Mars (in French).
Apr 2012:  in "FuturOuest" in Babel is back, a paper by J.-J. Beinex (in French).
Jan 2012:  in a paper about the history of European universities by prof J.-L. De Meulemeester of Brussels, Belgium (in French).
Dec 2011:  about the cultural hypothesis of the rise of the West, on the French website "Lieux Communs" (in French).
Nov 2011: by Irad Malkin in his book A Small Greek World: Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean, Oxford UP, 01Nov2011 (in English).
Jul 2011:  by J.-S. Mongrenier of Thomas More Institute about the coming alliance between London, Paris and Berlin (in French).
Jun 2011:  on the French pedagogical and syndical magazine website L'Ecole Emancipée (in French).
May 2011:  by P.Deprédurand in the book L'Union Européenne et la mer, in favor of a naval power policy for the European Union (in French).
Feb 2011:  by F. Ferretti in his PhD "The West in Reclus' work" defended on 14Feb2011 (p.313-314) (in French).
Feb 2011:  by P. Hoffman in a paper about the causes for European advance in gunpowder in the XVIIIth century (in English).
Jan 2011:  by prof Etienne Klein in an interview to French economic newspaper La Tribune (in French).
Jan 2011:  by prof Peter Demant of University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, in his workshop on The causes for Western Leadership in the world (in Portuguese).
Oct 2010:  by C.Réveillard in a paper on the future of US power in "Géostratégiques" (in French).
Aug 2010:  by the French Ministry of Education, a recommendation for history teachers (in French).
Aug 2010:  by Antoine Beyer in a lecture at Paris-Sorbonne University about the economic history of the Rhine river region (in French).
Jun 2010:  by teacher J.-L. Lefevre on European identity in an essay published by AEDE (in French).
Jun 2010:  by P.A. Giraud in his master thesis on Aquitaine's rival groups of open source code developpers (in French).
Jun 2010:  by P. Hoffman in "The Economic History Review" about the European military revolution of 1500-1700 (in English).
May 2010:  by previous prof of Univ Paris M. Letellier, in a history book review on "Mondes Francophones" (in French).
May 2010:  in "Technological Forecasting and Social Change" by David LePoire of Argonne National Laboratory (in English).
Dec 2009:  during debate Science and Soulish Ontology, at Ecole normale supérieure of Paris, with physicist Etienne Klein (in French).
Dec 2009: by catholic priest V.Toccoli in his 150p-essay on globalization (in French).
Nov 2009: by C. Paludan-Müller in the Council of Europe's book Heritage and Beyond (in English).
Nov 2009:  on the webiste of the Greek vacation center Velanidia, in the southernmost tip of Greece (in French).
Sep 2009:  A mention at an Astrophysics Conference in Barcelona (in English).
Jul 2009:  by F. Ferretti of Bologna Univ in a paper about the history of the thalassographic hypothesis (in Italian).
Apr 2009:  A recommendation by prof. Jérôme Dunlop in his book Les 100 Mots de la Géographie (in French).
Mar 2009:  In "Le Débat", by prof. Olivier Pétré-Grenouilleau (in French).
Feb 2009:  by prof. Iris Borowy in her workshop "The Rise of Europe" at Univ of Rostock, Germany (in German).
Dec 2008: : by prof. Guillaume Arnould in Lille in his pre-university preparatory courses (in French).
Dec 2008: by Jorge Camacho in the book "An Unlikely Alliance, Thinking Environments with Deleuze/Guattari", by B. Herzogenrath et al (in English).
Nov 2008: in a thesis about the Hegelian analysis of the state, applied to Europe and Africa, at Univ of Paris-East. (in French).
Oct 2008: in Economie Européenne, l'influence des religions by Bruno Colmant, on the religious hypothesis (in French).
Oct 2008: by prof. Serge Larivée of Montreal Univ in Le Quotient Intellectuel (in French).
une brève citation par le prof. Serge Larivée de Montréal dans Le Quotient Intellectuel.
Sep 2008: a quote in on-line article "Idei in Dialog" by H.-R. Patapievici (in Rumanian).
May 2008: by Clint Ballinger in his geography doctoral thesis at Univ of Cambridge, UK, about "Initial conditions as exogenous factors in spatial explanations" (in English).
Mar 2008?: A quote in L'Agenda de la pensée contemporaine by the "Cercle Condorcet de Paris" (in French).
Feb 2008: a quote on F. Bracke's website (in Dutch).
Jan 2008?: in an article about Unifying European Law from Univ. of Kent (in English)
Dec 2007: in Canadian literature magazine "Nuit Blanche" (in French).
Nov 2007: in the on-line book by Michel Cuvillon: "Homologies historiques" (in French).
Oct 2007: a quote in French magazine "Enjeux Les Echos" (in French).
Aug 2007: in the Canadian magazine "Le Devoir" while listing new 2007 political books (in French).
Aug 2007: in an article on "Fenêtre Europe" about the European aircraft carrier fleets (in French).
Jul 2007: in the bibliography of a feature article by literature magazine "Sciences Humaines" (in French).
Dec 2006: a quote by Jared Diamond, on a Russian website dedicated to Guns, Germs and Steel (in English).
Oct 2006: in an on-line Paper about the Western Miracle by P. Hoffman (in English).
Dec 2005: at a Meeting about international law about the value of states system (in French).
Nov 2004: in an article about economic development in "Alternatives Economiques" (in French).
Jul 2004: in a paper in Eurojournal about the geographical limits of Europe (in English).
May 2004: about the ending of space race, in the book by G. Csurgai et al Quelles perspectives géopolitiques pour l'Europe? (in French).
Feb 2004: at a conference about interculturalism (in English).
Dec 2003: an article by Pierre Gallois in Géopolitique, no84, p16-26 (in French).
May 2003: on Le Café Pédagogique, a French website for teachers (in French).
Jun 2002: in a paper by Brian Davis on the role of astronomy in the history of science (in English).
Jun 2002: in a French lecture about the international history of law (in French).
Mar 2002: in an article about "Comparative History of Science", by Lewis Pyenson (in English).
Mar 2002: in the bibliography used by Info-Point Europe for the Grundtvig Projet (in French).
Nov? 2001: in a paper about the cultural hypothesis, by prof. Vries in the Netherlands (in English).
Aug 2001: Several mentions in prof. Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur's lecture about world economic history (in French).
Jul 2000: A quote by Jean Bélanger, a professor of psychology history in Montreal (in French).
Jul 2000: A quote by a history professor in Argentina (in Spanish).
Jul 2000: A mention by former French president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (in French).
May 2000: at a law seminar in Toulouse, France (in French).
Nov 1998: An extract, as on-line reference for French high-school students (in French).
Mar 1998: a mention by French historian Emmanuel Leroy-Ladurie (in French).
Jan 1998: a reference in "Nature", by Jared Diamond (in English).
Nov 1997: a mention in the French economy magazine L'Expansion (in French).

L'Europe et la Science (Europe and Science),
80p-book briefly summarizing the rich states system theory, published in January 1999.
Quotes: Jun 2007: book available at the library of the French embassy in Austria (in French).
Jul 2004: on (in French).
Jul 2000: My two books quoted at the Italian Senate (in Italian).

La Faillite Coupable des Retraites (The Self-Destroying Pension Systems or The Self-Imposed Failure Of Retirement Systems)
170p-book about the real causes of the demographic collapse observed in developped countries, published in January 2004.
Summary: 1 page (in English)
My Articles: Nov 2010: in Univ of Lausanne, Switerland's "Le Bulletin HEC" a 2-page article (in French).
Reviews: Oct 2014: in a PhD thesis by A. Baidane at Casablanca, Morocco Univ on the Moroccan retirement system (in French).
Jan 2013: in an paper on inter-generational solidarity in aging societies by F. Loriaux at Univ of Louvain, Belgium (in French).
Feb 2011: at an auction sale on EBay a very good account by a seller (in French).
Nov 2006: a detailed reference in a paper on inter-generational support by M. Loriaux (in French).
Jun 2006: a long review by M. Loriaux in the collective book "Demography, Analysis and Synthesis" (in French).
Nov 2004: a review in Lettre mensuelle socio-économique du CCE, Bruxelles (in French).
Jul 2004: a short review in "CHSS Sécurité Sociale" (3/2004), p.196 (in French).
Jul 2004: a short review in "Le Vif/L'Express" (Belgium), 09Jul2004, p.40, (in French).
Apr 2004: an interview in "Le Soir" (Brussels), 13Apr2004 (in French).
Apr 2004: a review in "La Tribune" (Nice), 09Apr04 (in French).
Quotes: Dec 2012: by prof. Jacques Bichot in his paper "The true pension system problem" (in French).
May 2008: by prof. Luc Legoux in the collective book "Concilier bien-être des migrants et intérêt collectif" (in French).
Feb 2006: a quote in a paper on intra- and inter-generational debts by A. Gosseries (in French).
Jun 2005: a quote by Jacques Bichot in the Godet-Sullerot report "La Famille, une affaire publique" (in French).
Mar 2005: a quote in a paper on inter-generational justice by A. Gosseries (in English).
Sep 2004: in "Population et Avenir" (in French).
Jun 2004: conference at the Conseil Central de l'Economie in Brussels, Belgium (in French).

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