Several quotes of my book The Secret of the West (2007) by Michel Cuvillon in his online book Homologies Historiques, posted on his website in November 2007. Among all writers having quoted my book, Michel Cuvillon seems to be the only one having focused on my study of the parallelism between Ancient Greece and Modern Europe histories, a study that I present in pages 725-738 of The Secret of the West.
Struck by these similarities (which he dubbed "homologies") between the Ancient hellenic and the modern European worlds, Michel Cuvillon devoted a full book to them. In spite of numerous contradictions, a not very deft style and a chronically exaggerating mood (seeing parallelisms at every corner), the author is nevertheless the historian having gathered and classified the most of these striking similarities (between Ancient Greec and modern Europe) – no small feat.

(Michel Cuvillon: Homologies Historiques, November 2007, accessible on his site Homologies Historiques.

Michel Cuvillon believes that he has identified cycles in the history of civilizations, like Arnold Toynbee et Oswald Spengler before him. This leads him, just like them, to some dose of fatalism about the future of Western civilization: the West has to follow mechanically the (already known) fate of Ancient Greek civilization – Cuvillon just forgets that effects are only as far identical as causes are... Cuvillon has even quantified precisely the temporal distance separating both civilizations at 2,150 years. He likes this figure and repeats it all the time. Experts will recognize behind this number the duration assigned to each Zodiac sign during the 25,000 years of equinoxial precession.

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Homologies Historiques
Michel Cuvillon

Extrait du Chapitre 2 (source)

Espace et Temps étant indissociables, existe-t-il une corrélation spatiale qui se répéterait à 2 150 ans près?

[s'interroge Siegfried de Chaudun dans la préface; ces 2 150 ans correspondant au décalage entre la civilisation grecque antique et européenne moderne, selon l'estimation de Michel Cuvillon]
Pour reprendre la remarque 5, plusieurs approches nous sont possibles dont une qui retient mon attention via la notion «d’indice fractal» évoqué par M. Cosandey dans son introduction à la «thalassographie articulée». David Cosandey constate un même «indice fractal» entre la Grèce et l’Europe par exemple tout en signalant l’analogie historique entre la Grèce et L’Europe; de quoi donc alimenter cette homologie à 2 150 ans près.

Extrait du Chapitre 4 (source)

La silhouette de l'Europe ressemble à celle de la Grèce nous dit David Cosandey.

03 nov 2007: Extrait du Forum des Cerclosophes
"J'ai rencontré chez David Cosandey (le secret de l'occident) un début d'explication du phénomène d'homologie appliquée à l'histoire."

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