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The Fernand Braudel Centers

1) New York
Fernand Braudel maintained friendly contacts with many American researchers. An institute bearing his name was founded in New York by Immanuel Wallerstein in 1976: the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems and Civilizations. It is devoted to the study of large-scale social change over long historical periods of time.

Fernand Braudel Center
Binghamton University
State University of New York
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton NY 13902-6000
Tel (607) 777-4924 (as of May 00)

2) Sao Paolo
Fernand Braudel enjoyed a wide audience in Latin America as well. When a research institute focusing on large-scale economic issues was established in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 1987, it was named after him. This Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economy is supported by private enterprises as well as international organizations and the Ford and Tinker Foundations.

Instituto Fernand Braudel de Economia Mundial
Rua Ceará 2
CEP – 01243-010
São Paulo-SP
Tel 011 3824 9633 (as of May 00)